QBO2CSV command line

We want to load QBO files into SQL Server.  If your program can convert from QBO to CSV from the command line we can then load the CSV into SQL Server.

We would like to do something immediately.

Let me know.

asked Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous

3 Answers

Hello Howard,

QBO2CSV supports command line mode.

Use it like this:

QBO2CSV.exe "path to file.qbo" "path to file.csv".

You will need to run it one time in the gui mode to register.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by sergiy
If we just need to run it from the command line on a Windows Server, what version do we need?

We already started using a brute force method by loading all the rows into a SQL table with bulk insert from the text file as is and then cleaning it up with SQL code.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by anonymous

There is one version. Install on the windows server, start it without parameters for the first time, register, and use in commandline passing parameters. When parameters are passed, the GUI is not shown.

answered Feb 27, 2015 by sergiy
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