Convert a CSV file into Quicken Web Connect format

Web Connect (QFX) format is modified OFX format supported by Quicken as well as other software generally supporting OFX format (you may need to simply rename the QFX file extension to OFX to be ‘seen’ by the software filtering OFX only files on the file dialog).

To import QFX file into Quicken, click File, then Import, then Web Connect file. And select the QFX file using file dialog.

How to create Web Connect QFX file if you have your transactions in CSV or Excel format? Use CSV2QFX converter to convert CSV files to Web Connect QFX format.

You can download and try CSV2QFX free. The output is limited to 10 transactions in the demo, but creates fully functional, ready to import Web Connect QFX file.

CSV2QFX will try to detect contents in your CSV file automatically, and then you can click the Review Mapping button to adjust assigned columns. If you create the CSV file yourself, make the first line as the column names (date, amount, payee, memo) as it will be great help to CSV2QFX to figure out the contents of your file and automatically assign the columns for you.

Important note about INTU.BID, bank id and account id values on the Setting tab. You can either leave them as is, select other supported bank, and enter other values for bank id and account id. Quicken will use INTU.BID show corresponding bank name on the import screen, but actually giving you choice to select existing account or create new one. This is great confusion since the INTU.BID bank identification on the Web Connect QFX file is relevant to the account for which the import is happening. You can easily import Web Connect QFX files marked as from one bank to actual needed account in Quicken. Simply choose the bank currently ‘supported’ by Quicken using the Lookup button and complete the import.

Quicken assigns INTU.BID, bank id and account ID to the Quicken account (account created by you in Quicken) after successful import calling it ‘linked online services’. You can always delete such online services by editing the account in Quicken (click on the Online Services tab), if you need to import other Web Connect QFX file with other values for INTU.BID, bank id and account id.

P.S. if you have an Excel file instead of CSV, simply open it in Excel, select all (CTRL+A) and copy to clipboard (CTRL+C). Switch to CSV2QFX and click on the Paste from Clipboard button to paste data from the clipboard. This approach saves you from creating CSV file from your excel file. The approach also applies to other spreadsheet software supporting copy and paste of multiple cells into the clipboard.

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