Convert Bank Statements To Excel

Converting bank statements to Excel is a common task for anyone who needs to manage their finances efficiently. Whether you're a business owner, an accountant, a bookkeeper, or just someone looking to keep track of personal expenses, having your bank statement data in Excel can simplify the management of your data.

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Convert your bank statements to Excel without the hassle of data entry using the ProperConvert app:

Converting your banking statements into Excel could not be easier. All your data will be converted to the CSV/Excel format with just a few clicks.

Avoid manual entry by extracting transactions from statements

The ProperConvert app can automatically extract transactions from your bank statements, saving time and reducing errors. Instead of manually inputting each transaction, you can convert your bank statements into a more manageable format. This bank statement conversion process involves sophisticated software that can accurately scan and extract financial information, making it easier to handle large volumes of transactions.

Using an automated extraction processing means you won't have to spend hours manually entering data.Β 

Use the Converter app on your desktop to convert bank statements to excel

One effective tool for converting bank statements to Excel on your desktop is ProperConvert. This software can seamlessly convert PDFs of your bank statements into Excel files, making it easier to manage your financial transactions. With ProperConvert, you won't need to manually input data, which saves you time and reduces errors.

It is best to have original text-based PDF documents, but with OCR technology included, you can accurately read and extract data from your statements, whether text-based or scanned. This means it can recognize and process text from scanned documents, ensuring that even the most complex bank statements are accurately converted.

Whether you're dealing with monthly statements or annual summaries, ProperConvert's precision guarantees that every detail is captured.

Using the converter, you can create Excel spreadsheets from your bank statements. This is particularly useful for financial analysis, budgeting, and tax preparation. By having your financial transactions in an editable format, you can easily sort, filter, and analyze your data to gain better insights into your financial health.

Easy Step-by-step instructions to convert bank statements to excel

To convert bank statements to Excel using ProperConvert, start by launching the software on your desktop. Once opened, click on the 'Browse' button to import your PDF bank statement. The software will automatically recognize the file format and prompt you to proceed.

Next, select the specific extraction tool you need to convert bank statements. ProperConvert utilizes advanced OCR technology to read and extract financial data from your PDF accurately. This guarantees that even scanned documents are processed correctly.

After selecting the extraction tool, choose the specific fields you want to extract, such as date, description, and transaction amount. ProperConvert allows you to customize the data fields for precise conversion. Click 'Convert' to continue.

The software will then process the document, converting the PDF to Excel format while maintaining the integrity of your financial data.

Once the conversion is complete, you can review the output on-screen. Make any necessary adjustments and then save the file to your desired location.

Is there an option to use the online converter version?

The converter converts files on your Windows or macOS desktop options. This way your data stay on your computer.


Using the ProperConvert app (free download to try), you can effortlessly transform your bank statements into CSV or Excel files, saving time and reducing errors and improving the management of your data. Follow the simple steps to convert your statements, and say goodbye to tedious manual entry.

With the ProperConvert solution, managing your finances becomes more efficient and streamlined. Embrace this tool and make your financial tracking a breeze.

You're just a few clicks away from a more organized and hassle-free financial life.

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