Convert PDF files from your online banking to QIF/OFX format

Many banks provide PDF downloads for your bank account and credit card statements, and when you need to load your data into your accounting software, you are wondering how this could be done. Converting a PDF file to a ‘data’ format could be a tricky task especially if PDF is an “image”, not a text document, so what should you do or what tool should you use?

For PDF files, ProperSoft offers the ProperConvert app for text-based and scanned/image PDF files). Try them, and feel free to contact support if your PDF file is not parsing.

Still, many banks prepare QIF, OFX, QFX, QBO, and other formats for you on demand. Look for the ‘Accounting’ section or call your bank and ask them how to generate and download these files for you. At least, they should provide a CSV format. You can convert CSV/Excel/TXT files to QIF using Bank2QIF, CSV to QFX using Bank2QFX, CSV to OFX using Bank2OFX, CSV to QBO format using Bank2QBO.

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