How to convert a QIF file

This video shows how to convert a QIF file.

Step by step instruction

A QIF file you would get from your online banking or you would export from Quicken, or some other accounting software. And you need to convert those QIF files to another format like OFX or QBO, or CSV, so the ProperConvert app should work with a QIF file and understands many different formats.

How to convert a QIF file Step 1: main window

There is a format called QMTF, which is on Quicken for macOS and this format is also supported and similar to QIF format and you can convert this as well. Once the file is loaded, as you can see the date format for each transaction could be with a two-digit year, so that could be confusing for some dates. So some dates could be interpreted as month/day/year or day/month/year.

How to convert a QIF file Step 2: two digit year

The converter will try to figure out, so if there is at least one date in a file, that would tell the date format for the whole file then the converter would apply that to all transactions or all dates in the file. But you may also tell the converter 'okay' you need to use the dates this way. So, for dates that could be interpreted in different ways, then it would use your preference.

How to convert a QIF file Step 3: Input Dates

And there is also a thing called Quicken Dates. The special date Quicken date format for dates like before 2000. So dates if you have those files with all their dates you may need to click this check box to have your dates processed correctly, like 1930, 1940, or things like that. So, those dates would be correctly parsed with this check box.

How to convert a QIF file Step 4: Quicken Dates

And now the transactions are loaded. You can convert them to any format, like to OFX format, to QBO, you can convert them to another QIF format to make it compatible with certain software.

How to convert a QIF file Step 5: Convert to QIF

Or you can convert them to CSV format.

How to convert a QIF file Step 6: Convert to CSV

Or convert them to IIF to have them ready for Quickbooks.

How to convert a QIF file Step 7: Convert to IIF

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