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ProperSoft almost released a new technology “Direct Bookkeeper Connect” (DBC) for bookkeepers, accountants, and everyone else looking to import transactions into Quickbooks, Quicken, and other accounting software just by using their eyes.

ProperSoft almost provided a demo when a bookkeeper could quietly read bank statements from their clients, and transactions would be automatically imported into Quickbooks (PC/Mac/Online), Quicken, MS Money, XERO, LessAccounting, Sage One and others. The bookkeeper may optionally categorize/classify transactions when reading them by announcing category or class like “Oh, that is an office expense” or “or that is not taxable” or “yes, that is not a billable adjustment,” etc.

ProperSoft did not check their voicemail box yet, but expected companies behind accounting software to contact about API details, as this would be for “bookkeepers eyes only”.

The new DBC technology is still in early phase of development but already has shown promises for some of the great features:

  • a bookkeeper can read paper statements away from their computers, tablets, phones, sitting calmly on a beach or other peaceful and beautiful place and depending on the bookkeeper’s short memory hold up to 100 pages of statements before “offloading” transactions when close to a computer or a tablet connected to the internet
  • for automatically recognized clients, a bookkeeper can reuse previously read statements, so new statements are not required except total balance pages
  • listening is supported as well when an assistant can read statements to the bookkeeper when her eyes are tired

ProperSoft says that bookkeepers and accountants would be supported first and the general public is considered to be added later, starting from small business owners.

Until the technology is released or if bookkeepers or accountants have their transactions in CSV/Excel format, ProperSoft suggests to use CSV2QBO (CSV to QBO converter) or for PDF statements use PDF2QBO (PDF to QBO converter).


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