Make an existing account listed for QBO import in Quickbooks

An existing account is not available in QuickBooks to select during QBO import

Use the ProperConvert app to convert your transaction files to required by your accounting software file format.

QuickBooks uses the account type from the QBO file to show existing accounts. If you set Account Type in Bank2QBO or other 2QBO converters to "Credit Card," QuickBooks will show you only existing credit card account. You can recreate the QBO in the converter by selecting the correct account type.

QuickBooks uses the account # (Account ID, Account Number) and INTU.BID value together from the QBO file to associate with the account in QuickBooks you choose for the first QBO file. If you are converting for MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS, make sure to use a different account # when converting to QBO files.

If your existing account is currently "linked" to direct bank download, you need to edit the account in QuickBooks first as QuickBooks does not import QBO files on already linked accounts, and the account has to be unlinked first:

Unlink direct download in QuickBooks on PC

Unlink direct download in QuickBooks on Mac

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