How to download PayPal transactions into CSV file

Use the ProperConvert app to convert your transaction files to required by your accounting software file format.

Downloading PayPal transactions is not a straightforward option. This tutorial shows how to export PayPal transactions ready for bookkeeping or import into accounting software.

When you login into your PayPal Account, click on the 'Reports' button.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 1: Reports in Paypal

Then click on 'Activity download'.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 2: Activity download in Paypal

You have to select 'Transaction type' - ' Balance affecting'.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 3: Transaction type in Paypal

Then set a 'Date range' you need to download transactions for.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 4: Date range in Paypal

And then you need to select a CSV format.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 5: Format in Paypal

Click on the 'Create Report' button. And then you'll see a new line created here.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 6: Create Report in Paypal

Click 'Download' to download a CSV file.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 7: download a CSV file in Paypal

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