How to download PayPal transactions into CSV file

Use the Transactions app to convert your transaction files to required by your accounting software file format.

Downloading PayPal transactions is not a straightforward option. This tutorial shows how to export PayPal transactions ready for bookkeeping or import into accounting software.

When you login into PayPal Account, click on 'Reports' button.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 1: Reports in Paypal

Then click on 'Activity download'.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 2: Activity download in Paypal

You have to select 'Transaction type' - ' Balance affecting'.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 3: Transaction type in Paypal

Then set a 'Date range' you need to download transaction for.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 4: Date range in Paypal

And then you need to select a CSV format.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 5: Format in Paypal

Click on 'Create Report' button. And then you'll see a new line created here.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 6: Create Report in Paypal

Click 'Download' to download a CSV file.

EXPORTCSVPAYPAL Step 7: download a CSV file in Paypal

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