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If you have an Excel or CSV file with transactions from your bank (checking,l, savings or credit line) account or credit card statement and need to import into Quickbooks 2017, the best would be to convert to a QBO (Web Connect) file.

Use CSV2QBO as your one-stop solution for all your Excel, CSV or TXT files to convert to The QBO format ready to import into Quickbooks 2017.

QBO format provides advantages for a bookkeeper or an accountant in Quickbooks:

  • Imported QBO files are stored separately under Bank Feeds and Quickbooks provides an interface to review imported transactions, match to vendor records, assign Expense/Income accounts and add to the register.
  • Unwanted, duplicate or incorrectly converted transactions can be easily ignored under the Bank Feeds as well
  • When matched to a vendor record, Quickbooks remembers yourbchoice for the next QBO import
  • Expense/Income account assogned to a Vendor/Customer record is used to prefill account for the matched transaction

CSV2QBO provides abolity to paste table data copied from Excel or other spreadsheet software directly into the application without need to to save the CSV/Excel file.

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