Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks

To import credit card transactions into QuickBooks, you can use QBO (Web Connect) format or IIF format.

If your bank provides a QBO file, you do not need to convert anything and just import a QBO file. If you have direct download for your credit card account, you are good to go without any conversions required. But if your bank provides only 90 days of transactions and you need to import transactions past 90 days, look for the format your bank provides for these transactions. It could be one of the following:

Videos showing how to convert CSV to QBO:

If your QuickBooks is older than 3 years, you have use IIF format instead of QBO format. It also means you cannot connect this QuickBooks version to your bank, so you need to download all transactions from your bank. The following tools should help you:

Video showing how to convert CSV to IIF:

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