Import into QuickBooks (convert to QBO or IIF) [video]

Import into QuickBooks through the QBO format (all QuickBooks versions are supported until they are three years old) or IIF format (all QuickBooks versions are supported). QBO and IIF format are different: QBO (Web Connect) is to import bank transactions, and IIF is more ‘low level’ import allowing to create various transactions between QuickBooks account. Both formats have limitations – read below to choose the most suitable format for you. Import into QuickBooks by converting to QBO or IIF

Import into QuickBooks through QBO format

Short video (7 min) how to convert a CSV file to QBO format and import into QuickBooks:

Longer video with more details (22 min) about multiple accounts, mapping different amount layouts and more:

Import into QuickBooks through IIF format

What are main differences between QBO and IIF import into QuickBooks?

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