Import investment transactions into Quicken

It should be CSV or Excel file.

Converter to use

Use CSV2QIF. IMPORTANT: CSV2QIF is now replaced with the ProperConvert app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats.

Required columns on your CSV/Excel file

Your CSV file should have the following columns:

The first line should be column names as specified above - CSV2QIF will detect them and assign them to appropriate columns.

The Security Name column should have the security NAME as you have it in Quicken. Quicken will use the name supplied on the QIF file to locate or create the security record. It is not a ticker symbol or a CUSIP number.

Investment action codes

Code Description
Buy A security Buy
BuyX A security Buy and transfer of cash from another account
Sell A security Sell
SellX A security Sell and transfer of proceeds from another account
CGLong Long-term capital gains
CGLongX Long-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGMid Mid-term capital gains
CGMidX Mid-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
CGShort Short Term Capital Gains
CGShortX Short-term capital gains and transfer of proceeds to another account
Div Dividend
DivX Dividend and transfer to another account
IntInc Interest Income
IntIncX Interest Income and transfer to another account
ReinvDiv Dividend reinvested 
ReinvInt Interest Income Reinvested 
ReinvLg Long-term capital gains Reinvested 
ReinvMd Mid-term capital gains Reinvested 
ReinvSh Short-term capital gains Reinvested 
XIn Transfer of cash into the account 
XOut Transfer of cash out of the account
MiscExp Misc Expense 
MiscExpX Misc Expense covered by another account
MiscInc Misc Income, optionally associated with a security
MiscIncX Misc Income and transfer from another account

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