Import Quicken QFX files into Excel

QFX files are extended OFX files and are not easy to read or work with if you are a bookkeeper or an accountant. QFX files are great to import transactions into accounting software like Quicken. QFX files are usually provided in Online Banking.

Can Excel open QFX or OFX files?

No. You can try to manipulate QFX/OFX files into XML files, and then try to open this XML file in Excel. Save your time and use a specialized tool: QFX2CSV. Check if your bank provides CSV or Excel download instead of QFX.

How to import a QFX file into Excel

Here is a short video (4 min) showing whole process of converting a QFX file to CSV format:

How to convert a QFX file into CSV file

How to convert a QFX file into Quickbooks online ready CS file

How to convert a QFX file into Xero ready CS file

What is a "CSV option" or "CSV Target"?

QFX files carry a lot of details about transactions. When you create a CSV file with all these details, you can see them as CSV file in Excel or other generic spreadsheet software, but it could be "overwhelming" for accounting software like QuickBooks Online which can import only date, description and amount.

QFX2CSV offers the "CSV target" feature to create the most suitable CSV file from QFX details:

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