Import your transactions into Quicken 2015 (PC and Mac)

Updated: check out detailed tutorial how to import CSV into Quicken 2015 with categories.

Quicken 2015 was released for PC and Mac, and there is some changes: good and bad.


Quicken for Mac 2015 now imports CSV from Mint. CSV file has date, amount, CATEGORY(!), and memo.

Bank2CSV was updated and now creates “Minted” CSV files ready to import into Quicken for Mac 2015. Your source file could be QIF, QFX, OFX, QBO.


Quicken 2015 (for PC) no longer imports “correct” QIF files into bank and credit card accounts. The QIF file is actually imported, and even dialog shows up that transactions are imported, but transactions are not seen under the account.

The workaround for this is to import into a Cash account first (call it “IMPORT”) and then cut and paste transactions under correct account.

Quicken for Mac 2015 imports QFX files, but not OFX. Quicken Essentials for Mac was importing both QFX and OFX, but not CSV.

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