Open QFX (Web Connect) files in Excel [video]

Conversion of your financial documents was never easy. All too often people were faced with the need to export Quicken files into Excel for reading on their own personal computer. If they didn’t have Excel, this could essentially leave them out of luck for finding an options to read their personal financial statements and credit card documents. QFX (Quicken Web Connect) to CSV (Excel) conversion is now easier than ever with QFX2CSV. Here’s why you need this piece of software in your corner when you’re dealing with QFX files.

Here is a short video (2 min) showing whole process of converting a QFX file to CSV format:

No Wait Times

QFX2CSV is a program that can convert you files almost instantly. After you load and preview the files that you’re going to convert, you’ll have CSV files generated in just a couple of seconds, that look exactly like the Quicken file you were initially sent. There’s no need for plugins to be installed or add-ons posted to your computer. Everything you need is right in the program.

Easy to Use Software

Most QFX to Excel file converters are clunky with a very poor user experience. With QFX2CSV you get exactly what you need and only that. This simple to use interface doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 clicks to get your file converted, so you won’t spend countless hours dealing with needless tools that don’t take care of making the process simple and correct the first time.

Desktop Based Software

Several applications that do file conversions are forced to run over a web browser, which also requires you to submit personal account information over the internet. If this wasn’t bothersome enough, your financial documents will officially be stored on another computer the moment you run with web-based application. The QFX to Excel converter runs solely on your desktop. Once downloaded, you could essentially disconnect yourself from the internet and program would run just fine.

Finally, you can try the product before you buy it. Other conversion programs are known to be a little shaky, yet they force you to buy before you can even try. Converting your QFX to Excel is free for the first few times, so you can determine if the program is right for you.

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