PDF Converters

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely used file format for documents that need to be shared and viewed on various devices and platforms. This makes it an ideal format for bank and credit card statements, as they can be easily accessed and viewed on a range of devices without losing any formatting or content. However, sometimes it is necessary to extract transaction data from these PDF statements and convert it into a different format, such as an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. This is where PDF converters come in handy.

One of the key features of PDF converters for extracting transaction data from bank and credit card statements is the ability to accurately and efficiently extract this data from the PDF. This includes extracting information such as account numbers, transaction dates, and amounts. Most PDF converters also allow users to select specific pages or sections of the statement to convert, which can be useful if you only need to extract data from a portion of the document.

While the formatting of the original PDF statement may not be preserved in the output file, the extracted transaction data will be organized in a clear and usable format.

Use the ProperConvert app to convert PDF files to formats expected by the accounting software like Quickbooks Desktop, QBOnline, Xero, Quicken, Sage, PeachTree, Wave Accounting and other.

If you have a bank or credit card statement in PDF format (text-based, text is selectable when you view the PDF file or image-based or scanned), and need to extract transactions to avoid data entry, you can use ProperSoft tools to convert PDF files to various formats.

Convert PDF to QBO and import into Quickbooks (desktop or online)

For Quickbooks Desktop QBOnline, convert PDF to QBO (Web connect) format. QBO files are Web Connect files and are imported under Bank Feeds, where you match transactions to vendor records, assign expense and income account and add them to the register.

Convert PDF to IIF and import into Quickbooks Desktop

For Quickbooks Desktop older than three years (Quickbooks after sunset), convert PDF to IIF. IIF files are imported directly into the register. You can rename payees to vendors and assign expense/income accounts (categories) during conversion right in the converter app.

Convert PDF to QFX and import into Quicken for Windows or Mac

For Quicken for Windows or macOS, convert PDF to QFX (web connect) format. Quicken offers the renaming tools (the categorization feature) during QFX import.

Convert PDF to QIF and import into Quicken for Windows

For Quicken for Windows, convert PDF to QIF and import as alternative format. All Quicken versions are supported. Rename payees and assigned categories during import.

Convert PDF to OFX and import into Xero, Sage, Wave Apps, MS Money, and other accounting apps

For online and desktop accounting and persional finance apps, convert PDF to OFX format. Many accounting tools support OFX import.

Convert PDF to CSV and work with transactions in Excel

Extract transactions from PDF file as CSV or Excel format and work with them in Excel, Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet software.

Convert PDF to MT940 and import into your accounting software

Some accounting software import MT940 format only, convert PDF to MT940 and import accounting software like MoneyBird with such capabilities.

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