Starting a ProperSoft converter (2020)

This video shows how to start the installed converter.

In our case, we will be starting the Bank2QBO converter. IMPORTANT: Bank2QBO is now replaced with the Transactions app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats.

After it was installed - a shortcut should be on your desktop. Double-click that desktop shortcut.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 1: icon

And then right-click on the icon on the taskbar and click 'Pin to taskbar'.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 2: pin icon

So, this way when you close the application, it will still stay at the taskbar.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 3: stay at taskbar

And now, when you run it for the first time, you will see the welcome screen. Please, read this welcome screen and since you can do and pay attention to it, you may also use this link to download a sample CSV file if you want to experiment first.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 4: welcome screen

This welcome screen could be different for different converters, so, in our case, when you're working with Bank2 converters, you can convert many different formats, so the welcome screen explains this: what kind of formats, what pay attention to and if it's converter 2QBO, then it explains what you should do when you convert to QBO file. In any case, will be a CSV file, the instructions will be different if it's an OFX file, QIF file, different formats, you will have different welcome screens, so, please, read it. Then you can uncheck, so, you don't have to see it again. You can 'Open guide', which will take you to the page with an online tutorial, you can 'Close' this.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 5: uncheck show next time

Now the converter will ask you to select a file to convert and, in our case, it will be a PDF file, which will be used to convert to the QBO file. The downloads folder, where you download files - if your files are in different folders, you can change it, once you locate the file, then select it and click 'Open'.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 6: download folder

In our case, we will have a PDF file parsed and open for us for review. And once you have done converting, you can close the application in the usual way, by clicking the 'X' button on the main form.

Starting a ProperSoft converter Step 7: main menu

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