Use the Convert button to convert files

This video shows how to convert a loaded file.

In our example, we have a Bank2QBO converter. IMPORTANT: Bank2QBO is now replaced with the Transactions app, which converts from more formats and converts to more formats.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 1: main window

And we can convert to the QBO file or CSV file. If you have different converters, like Bank2OFX, CSV2OFX, or CSV2QIF, then you would have different options/different settings for your specific format, listed at the right part of the converter: QIF or OFX option.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 2: to QBO or to CSV

But this part, down here ('Open after save', 'Convert' buttons), will be the same.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 3: open after save

And the CSV part also stays here and works in the same way.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 4: CSV Target

This video explains what this part down does.

First of all, in any converter, macOS, or Windows, CSV, or other formats, you need to click the 'Convert' button to perform actual conversion.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 5: Convert

What it will do? It will process all these transactions, checked once, and it will ignore unchecked once, and it will put it to the output file.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 6: Transactions

But if you click 'Open after save', it means the converter will ask your operating system (macOS or Windows), in the macOS case: to start the application, that registered the application for this specific format and to open this file. For example, if you have Quickbooks, installed on your computer, it would register itself for application, for the QBO files. And when you click 'Open after save' and 'Convert', then the QBO file will be saved, but also Quickbooks will be called and it will be told to use the QBO file for you to import. Many of you may appreciate this option because it streamlines your workflow as you load the file, review the file, set the settings, set the checkbox 'Open after save' and click the 'Convert' button and you will see, that Quickbooks starts loading your QBO file. In some cases, you don't want it happening, let's say if you have Quickbooks Online, you can not go to the website and load the CSV file instead you would just save the file, then open the website, then select an option to upload the statement and upload the file at the website. In some other cases, in Quicken for Mac 2007, it doesn't handle this past QIF file correctly and it shows some error, but when you do this way, if you go to the menu in Quicken and say 'File' - 'Import' - 'QIF file', then you select just saved QIF file, it will open that file.

Use Convert button to convert files Step 7: Open and Convert

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