import to my german MS money 2000

I tried to convert a CSV file from my bank to a QIF that I can import to my german MS money 2000. It worked but the amounts were wrong. From EUR 18,00 I got EUR 1800,00. Now I cannot test it anymore as I am limited to just 3 transactions in the demo mode. I would like to purchase the program CSV2QIF but first want to know if I can solve the problem. Can you please help me? Thank you!
asked Jun 18, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Please select "Ms Money non-US" from the QIF target dropdown list in CSV2QIF before saving the QIF file.

Another solution is change your regional settings in Windows to have decimal separator as coma. After you change it, please recreate the QIF file.
answered Jun 18, 2015 by sergiy
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