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I need to input a year's worth of financial data into Quicken Essentials and most of the credit cards and the checking account only allow downloads back three to six months.  I can export earlier months into a CSV file, PDF or excel.  Which of your programs will allow me to download the data I need into one of these formats and convert into a file for Quicken Essentials for Mac?

asked Jun 23, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Christine,

For Quicken Essentials for Mac you can use CSV2OFX (preferred) or CSV2QFX. CSV files should work fine for CSV2OFX or CSV2QFX. Please let me know if you need any with the conversion.
answered Jun 23, 2015 by sergiy
Thank you.  I did a test download but it looks like it will only work with a CSV file and not Excel. Is this correct?

Also, can I edit the file once it has been converted or should all editing be done before I convert. I only did a "try" mode so I am not sure if the limitations were because I have not purchased the software yet
Christine, both CSV and Excel files are supported. please do all editing in excel and save as either CSV or Excel file.

I would suggest to do in batches (one month or less), so you have better control in reviewing and matching transactions.

You can try few transactions to confirm you can import data and then start converting with the full license.

I am still trying to determine if your product is worth purchasing.  I get error messages (cannot open file) regardless of which credit card i am trying to download.

What's the trick?


Please make sure the file is not opened in excel.
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