Multiple Bank Accounts

I have multiple accounts at the same bank.  I can download a seperate CSV file for each account but I don't understand how to setup the QuickBooks accounts so that the output goes to the corect account.

Do you have any tutorials or instructions?
asked Jul 3, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

For each account enter different account id on the settings tab, and QuickBooks will ask you to choose the account during each import.

answered Jul 3, 2015 by sergiy
Enter different account id for each account file on the settings tab in
CSV2QBO and then QuickBooks will ask you to choose the account during
import for each qbo file.
Do I have to do that each time I convert a file or can I save settings for each file?


You have the following choices:

  • last entered ID is remembered
  • mapping profile can save the account ID, so ID is updated as you select the mapping
  • CSV/Excel file may have the Account ID column (must be provided for all transactions and sorted by the account ID)


For the current version, the last account number is remembered.

You can supply the account id as the column in the csv file and it will be

There is an update in works to save account settings with the mapping.
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