PayPal transactions import

Can you provide any guidance to import maping of PayPal's export of csv to QuickBooks qbo formating?

With Paypal's extra transactions for a purchase there appear to be multiple transactions that are not necessary.
asked Jul 3, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

PayPal CSV files should be parsed fine without manual mapping. You can exclude certain transactions using checkbox for each transaction before saving the quote file.

answered Jul 3, 2015 by sergiy
Hi Sergiy,
I am running 300 transactions a month, so will have to do some sorting in excel, first would be my guess. I do see the check mark, that can be use to delete a transaction.

on a Sale there is a Gross amt and a Fee for each transaction.

Any way to do "Split" QB transactions, so the fee can be applied to the transaction on import rather then go back through individually.

gross amt pp acct
fee amt cc fee acct.

CSV2QBO supports split transactions from the PayPal file, but it creates separate transactions because who format does not support split categories.

I would suggest to try CSV2IIF at that will create the IIF file with truly split transactions(I initially tested it with the PayPal CSV file).

In CSV2IIF, load the CSV file, click the review mapping and assign the split columns on the sidebar. Save the mapping and save the IIF file.
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