Translating Quicken Essentials accounts (Mac) into Windows Quickbooks 2013

As the departing Treasurer of a non-profit music group (Early Music In Motion), I have kept our 3 financial accounts for 7 years using Quicken Essentials (for Macs) and have exported them to QXF formats. My purpose is to transfer our finances to our new Treasurer, who uses Windows and keeps records on Windows QuickBooks 2013. My need is to convert the QXF files into IIF files for each of the 3 accounts (since Windows QuickBooks 2013 will not accept QXF files).

Please advise how I might successfully use CSV2IIF to convert the QXF files to IIF files for imports into Windows QuickBooks 2013.

asked Jul 3, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer


You will need Quicken on Windows to import the QXF file first, then export data as QIF and then convert QIF to QBO using QIF2QBO converter at

answered Jul 3, 2015 by sergiy
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