Import CSV from broker's website into Quicken

I have an Excel file, saved in CSV format, from my broker.  It consists of about eighty older transactions which the broker's website does not allow to be downloaded into Quicken because they are not current.  The Quicken support website has sent me in circles.  It has told me that I can't import these transactions in QIF, QFX or OFX formats.  Suggestions?

Thank you so much for checking on my project.  I really appreciate having access to your conversion programs.

asked Jul 5, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Sue,

Please use CSV2QIF.

your CSV file must have the following columns:

- date
- amount
- full security name (as you have in Quicken)
- price
- quantity
- commission
answered Jul 5, 2015 by sergiy
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