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I keep trying different combinations, but for some reason my CSV2IIF file keeps adding expense transactions into new bank accounts.

For example, if I have a printing expense of $100 in my CSV file, it is creating a new "Bank" account called "Printing" in QuickBooks and adding $100 to it.  

Do you know which column I might have out of whack?

asked Jul 6, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Philip,

IIF transactions need two accounts. The first (from) account is your bank account, the second (to) account is an expense account.

CSV2IIF takes the second account from your CSV file, column named "Category" or "Account". This column must account NAMES exactly as you have in QuickBooks.

For your example the column value "Printing" should be existing expense account NAME, for example "Office supplies" (depending on your QuickBooks setup). You can find the account names in the Chart of accounts.

I would suggest to open the CSV file in Excel and add new column beside existing category column (remove the column name from existing column and move to new column), and fill it with QuickBooks account names, and then save as new CSV file.

Another option is to use CSV2QBO. For QBO files, QuickBooks assigns the expense account from the payee/vendor record, so the QBO file will not have your original "category" values, and QuickBooks will be check the Payee field instead.

answered Jul 6, 2015 by sergiy
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