proper format to have listing of transactions mapped to QuickBooks COA

I have trouble using your tool. I’m ready to purchase, but only if it works as intended. I was able to create a report from Quicken for filtered transactions through multiple accounts, then saved the report in Excel. I cleaned up the Excel file to map transactions to chart of account in QuickBooks. I used your tool to convert to qbo format, but I get nothing. So, I have these two questions:

- Do you have a tool that can select filtered transactions in Quicken and convert direct to qbo where it can be read into Quicken? I don’t want to convert the entire Quicken database to enter in QuickBooks.

- What is the proper way (format) to have listing of transactions mapped to QuickBooks COA to be imported in QuickBooks?


asked Jul 10, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Mahmoud,

QBO format does not carry expense/income accounts for each transaction. QuickBooks takes the account from matched vendor record after QBO import. You can also use the renaming rules.

You find CSV2IIF at more useful (there is also BANK2IIF that uses QIF categories as expense/income account names for the IIF files, but if you have to change the names first, it is better to convert QIF to CSV, adjust it (as you described) and then convert CSV to IIF).

IIF files require the account column (called Category in CSV2IIF) to be supplied for each transaction.

answered Jul 10, 2015 by sergiy
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