no feature to capture the account on the chart of accounts

Well, I got the program to run just fine. Unfortunately, it's missing some features that would really make it more valuable for me. There is no feature to capture the account on the chart of accounts that I can see. Unless that's account number?
I also don't see a feature to capture the "bill to" information is the item I'm importing is billable to a client.
Also, is there a way to save the import settings from csv so that you can import transactions associated with multiple accounts without having to re-enter the account number and re-map all the column labels?
asked Jul 20, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Juston,

Thank you for your feedback and all details!

The limitation you are describing are related to the QBO specification, which does not carry expense/income account.

QuickBooks takes expense/income account from the vendor record.

"Bill to" details are not carried as well, unless you use the memo field for that.

Which QuickBooks version do you use? I may suggest alternative solution for you.

answered Jul 20, 2015 by sergiy
Thanks very much for following up. That makes sense.
I'm using QuickBooks for Mac 2015. I'm just trying to get my expense reports out of Expensify and into QuickBooks, but very few vendors offer integration with QuickBooks for Mac.
Thank you in advance for your help. I appreciate it.
Best regards,
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