upload the qif file to Dave Ramsey gazelle online budget

I'm trying to convert my csv file from my online bank website to a qif file.  I want to upload the qif file to my Dave Ramsey gazelle online budget but nothing is "happening" when I upload it.  

The qif file looks "blank" on my desktop... but I wouldn't know because I don't have the software to open it.  I've attached it below.

asked Jul 28, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Kristin,

Thank you for sending the QIF file.

The file looks fine and has many transactions. It is created as Quicken QIF file.

In CSV2QIF, try to select QIF type as "MS Money or other" and save new QIF file. Most likely the software you are trying to upload does not support the Quicken variant of QIF.

answered Jul 28, 2015 by sergiy
Ok, Sergiy, how do I do that? Thx for your time... never done this before &
I have a love/hate relationship with my Mac.


Look for the QIF Target dropdown box. Once you changed the QIF type, create new QIF file and try to load it.
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