How can I import credit card transactions correctly into QB? (i.e. "credit card account", not a new "bank account")

I cannot get credit card transactions to import correctly into QB Desktop Pro 2013. Using BANK2IIF, the transactions always become a brand new "bank account" rather than a "credit card account" in QB, and QB won't allow me to merge the new account with my actual credit card account, nor allow me to change the new account type from a "bank account" to a "credit card account". In BANK2IIF under "Account Mapping" it is set to Credit Card.  There are no online connections with any of these accounts, and I have tried to import these transactions numerous times.  What am I doing wrong?
asked Sep 25, 2015 by C

1 Answer


The account name you enter on the Account Mapping tab, must be the account NAME you have in QuickBooks. To get the account name, open the Chart of accounts, click the account you need to import into, select Edit Account and copy the account name from the box.
answered Sep 25, 2015 by sergiy

This worked perfectly! Thank you so much for your help!

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