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HI There ,
I’ve just purchased your converter this morning and I’ve already started use it , but for some reason
when i save the converted files into QuickBooks  it shows only the default bank as a wells fargo ??
I’ve changed  the default account number with my account number but for some reason it still keep
showing the wells fargo as primary bank !! I’m trying my best to exilian you in a few words over the email
what the issue is , but if some of you from the support team can make a quick phone call that will be much easier !!
Looking forward to hear back from you !!
Thanks Marco
asked Oct 17, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Marco,

The bank label you see during QBO import into QuickBooks is defined by INTU.BID number you can change on the Settings tab in PDF2QBO. Click the Look Up button to locate your bank. If your bank is not listed, you can keep default value 3000 (Wells Fargo). If you already import the QBO file with default value 3000 into QuickBooks, you keep using PDF2QBO with this value.

The bank label you see during QBO file import is from the QBO file and is not relevant to actual account in QuickBooks that you are choosing during import.

answered Oct 17, 2015 by sergiy
Hello Sergiy ,

Thanks again for your prompt response !! I actually need to substitute wells Fargo with bank of america !!
I can’t have any other banks on my QuickBooks because we don’t even have an account with wells Fargo .
Because for some reason , now that the files are imported into my QuickBooks , the system automatically
recognize wells fargo as primary bank for my direct web connect and this is a problem , so i got to get rid of WF and BOA again !!
So , my question to you is when you said look up button to locate the bank ? you mean the bank id button right ?
and at this point what i have to do with the rest of the other buttons ? Do I have to put the rest of the information , like
account type , and account # on both sides , like on the default section and left on the left side !!
thanking you in advance for your kind attention

The bank label you see during import is defined by INTU.BID value. Click on the Settings tab (On the same line as Transactions, Source), Output Settings, and click the Look Up button to locate your bank. If your bank is not listed you can use Wells Fargo INTU.BID because it is only the bank label shown from the QBO file.

Make sure to create new QBO file after you change INTU.BID.

You can leave Bank ID, Account # as default or change them. You do need to change Account # if you are converting for multiple accounts.

When you import a QBO file, or download directly from your bank, QuickBooks links your QuickBooks account to either direct banking or a QBO file.

You cannot use both methods: direct bank download and QBO file import on the same QuickBooks account. You need to remove "online linking" first from the account to switch import method. Also, if you change INTU.BID number, and you already imported a QBO file with previous, you need to unlink QuickBooks account as well. Here is how to unlink:

- open the Chart of Account
- locate the account (when linked, it has yellow strike icon)
- click Edit account
- click on the Bank Feeds (Online Services) tab
- click "Remove/Delete online services link" and save the changes

Now when you import new QBO file, QuickBooks will ask you to select the account again to complete import.

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