CSV2QIF trial for investment transactions

I am having problems.

   The excel file had field indicators for dividend, name of security buy
sell etc. After converting the fine it appeared in Quicken as "deposit" or
US without any security name. In the Raw data field the correct information
    When importing it kept asking  to create a chequing account even though
I had selected an investment account. All of the "name" information on the
"inport to account name matched.

   Not sure where I was/am going wrong.  I need the information to appear
exactly as it appeared on the brokerage statement.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kindest regards,

asked Dec 18, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Rick,

Quicken treats any transaction without either price, quantity or security name as cash transactions.

Dividend action should be "DIV" (dividend paid out) or "REINVDIV" (dividend reinvested, must the PRICE and QUANTITY). CSV2QIF converts several variations to correct ones on fly so you don't have adjust them. What is the action supplied for your dividend transactions? I will add it to the list of recognized actions.
answered Dec 18, 2013 by sergiy
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