all the transactions were created as deposits and NO payments

I'm trying the converter and I encountered two problems:
1- I cannot upload to the current PNC bank account set up in my company file.
2- When I gave in to create a new PNC QuickBooks account, all the transactions were created as deposits and NO payments.

How do I fix this?
Please help ASAP
asked Dec 19, 2013 by anonymous

1 Answer


Thank you for trying CSV2QBO!

To have your account listed for the import, please do the following:

- open the chart of accounts and delete first new account you created
- open existing account, click on the Online Services tab, select "Delete/Remove online services link" and save the changes

How is the amount supplied on your CSV file:

- one amount column with positive or negative values
- two columns for separate debit and credit
- one amount column plus column with values "DEBIT" or "CREDIT" to indicate the amount sign

For two columns layout, click the Review Mapping, set the Amount column to "do not use", and assign debit and credit columns on the sidebar. Save the mapping and verify the amount column to have positive and negative values.

answered Dec 19, 2013 by sergiy
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