Importing with categories and tags

Hi there,
Is there a way to import transactions with categories and tags assigned to each split?  Currently it creates new categories called "Field9".
asked Dec 30, 2013 by anonymous

3 Answers


Your CSV file must have the column names as the first line.

You can create split transactions with up to three splits. Splits must be separate columns (so each transaction still takes one lines), the column name must be the Category name for the split, and the column value for each transaction must be the amount of the split.

for example.

Date Description Amount CategorySplit1 CategorySplit2
2012-12-31 memo here 100.00 90.00 10.00

Load the CSV file, click the Review Mapping and assign the split columns on the sidebar at the bottom. Save the mapping and recreate the QIF file.
answered Dec 30, 2013 by sergiy
Hi Sergiy,

Does this only work with the purchased version? I did have my columns
named in the CSV file before converting.

answered Dec 30, 2013 by anonymous

It works in the trial version as well. You need to assign the split columns as I specified in my previous response.
answered Dec 30, 2013 by sergiy
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