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Do you have a converter which will allow me to read old Microsoft Money files (I'm not sure which version, but it was Microsoft Money Financial Suite plus an upgrade available on the web as a patch in 2009)? I would then wish to import the data into Excel (then into Microsoft Access). Although I can still install Microsoft Money Financial Suite from my installation CD, the upgrade patch is no longer available and therefore I have no means of extracting the data in my old xxx.mny files. 

asked Nov 24, 2013 by Alan

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Look for Microsoft Money Sunset edition (on windows). It should be fine opening your mny files. Once you have them opened, export to OFX or QIF and then use OFX2CSV, QIF2CSV or BANK2CSV to convert CSV or excel.
answered Nov 24, 2013 by sergiy
Hi Sergiy,

First, let me thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft Money Sunset edition (more correctly it was Money Plus Sunset Deluxe) will not open my files. Remembering back to when I tried all this, I recall that I did try Money Sunset with the same results.

No matter, the data is pretty old and I've lived without it for a couple of years. If it worked, it would have been nice as occasionally it's useful to make historic checks.

Anyway, thanks again for your attention.

Alan, thank for your feedback.

Those .mny (and .qdf for Quicken) files are painful things, requiring specific version to access or even worse.

I will try to look if there any way to process those files.
Hi again Sergiy,

I have successfully opened my MS Money files after finding a suitable version of Money at It's the first of the patches under the heading Microsoft Money 2005 Patches - QFE#2 for UK Money 2005 (1105/QFE patch) (Added August 2011) - See Article 649). What gets downloaded is an executable file which installs the correct version of Money with the so-called patch 1105.

I can now export the data and use the converters I bought from you.

I thought you might like to know as it may help some of your other customers.
This is great, Alan. Thank you for posting this.
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