INTU.BID for Discover Card question

I am currently using this with Qucken 2013.

is there a INTU.BID number for discover card that you can provide for direct connect or is there a way for me to determinie what it is from Discovers download?  I know my problem is with Quicken, but If I can run cvs2qfx transactions without having it change the financial instution  from "Discover card"  to "discover card account center".  Once the online services is set you can't manually change that field.

I think the problem is switch between web-connect and direct-connect.    While your product works, Discover has two options that don't seem to work the same in Quicken. when setting up  the Discover account  for online services if  I use "Discover  card"  for the Financial institution [wiich I have used for years] it set ups the account with "direct connect"  connection.  If I use "Discover card account center"  for the finacial institution  it sets it up as a web-connect and does not  work as well or at least as conistently.  When I use  a QFX file generated from CSV2QFX my only option  in the lookup for discover is "Discover card account center"  and after processing the transactions the financial institutiuon changes to Discover card account center but stays at direct-connect.

when it changes , many if not all of the  previously downloaded and reconciled transactions from the prior 12 months show up in a manual match. if I run a discover downloaded qfx  only the transactions not dowloaded yet show up.

I've been using Quicken since 1989  and depend onthe download working correctly

Any feedback woudl be appreciated.
asked Jan 4, 2014 by anonymous

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Based on what you are describing, I think you have the following options:

  • before importing the QFX file, you have to edit the account you want to import to, click on the Online Services tab, then select "Remove/Delete online services link" and save the changes. This will allow to import the QFX file, and if you want to download transactions online, you will need to remove online services link again.
  • (recommended) Create 'buffer' account and import all transactions there. Once imported, select the transactions (CTRL+A or with shift), right click on them, and select "Cut transactions", switch to required account, right click on the transactions grid and select "paste transactions". The buffer account will give great visibility and control over imported, and not yet reviewed/processed transactions.
  • (highly recommended). User CSV2QIF. CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files, and QIF files do not have issues with online checks, "online services"  and other QFX issues. In CSV2QIF, enter the account name as you have in Quicken. If you are using CSV converted from QFX2CSV, you may have review mapping and for account name select "do not use" or rename the account NAME in Quicken to match exactly the account name on downloaded QFX file.

(IMPORTANT) On QIF import screen in Quicken, you must select "<All accounts>" to have your QIF successfully imported.

answered Jan 4, 2014 by sergiy
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