Web connect QFX will not load into Quicken 2013

I loaded this incorrectly into the wrong account and I deleted the transactions.  when I repeated the steps to load into correct action the Update showed it was completed and did not give me the dialog box to proceed to select an account to load the transactions.  I repeated the transfer from CSV to QFX and renamed the file, but not luck
asked Feb 9, 2014 by Arnold

1 Answer


Two ways to fix this (get the dialog to choose the account back);

  1. In Quicken, edit the account you already imported into, click on Online Services tab, select "Remove online services link" and save the changes. Try to import the QFX file again.
  2. in CSV2QFX, enter different account ID on the Settings tab and create new QFX file. Import new QFX file.
answered Feb 9, 2014 by sergiy
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