unique transaction identifier lost

QFX allegedly has an identifier that tells programs (homebudget) that the transaction is not a duplicate.  When loading dates with overlapping ranges, the program will not load these files as it finds the unique identifier, and considers the transactions duplicates.  I believe that the QIF file does not have this, how then does the translation program in this product assign a unique identifier? and Can I control this from the output of the program so that I can create a new unique identifier from the same / similar (same date range) load file?

thanks for your help.  I have googled this extensively and found little to support,,,,
asked Feb 16, 2014 by anonymous

2 Answers


QIF2QFX generates unique identifier for each transaction. When you convert the same QIF file again, it will generate new unique identifier.

Some time ago QIF2QFX was generating repeatable identifiers, but it resulted in many complaints - users often loaded their files more than one time, so Quicken refused to load the same transaction twice even if it was deleted.

I remember I put it back some time ago as well as the switch on the Settings tab, but it was an experiment for one converter.

answered Feb 16, 2014 by sergiy

 I think I sorted it.
answered Feb 16, 2014 by anonymous
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