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edit Quicken 2012 investment account in Excel

Just bought QIF2CSV. Once I’m done massaging the investment transactions, I have to get them back into the correct Quicken 2012 investment account.

Quicken does not support QIF import into investment accounts. Quicken Help got me to a forum help item, how to work around that. Tried it & it works for me. With your CSV2QIF, your literature says it’s OK for investment accounts too? Please advise.

asked Feb 16, 2014 by anonymous

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for ordering!

CSV2QIF creates importable QIF files for all account types. Quicken imports correctly prepared QIF files for investment accounts. If you will have to select "<All accounts>" for the account dropdown list on the QIF import screen in Quicken.

In CSV2QIF select INVST account type and enter the account NAME as you have in Quicken. Since you will be using the CSV from QIF2CSV, it should find account type and account NAME from the CSV file (if it does not, simply remove account related columns from the CSV file).

You may copy and paste directly from excel without saving the CSV file (in Excel select the area and press CTRL+C, and in CSV2QIF click the Paste from clipboard button).

answered Feb 16, 2014 by sergiy
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