CVS convert to QBO defaults to WFB Checking

I am using trial version to test.  Converting from Paypal CVS to Checking.

1) The QBO file defaults to Wells Fargo Checking.  Can this be changed or controlled? (just saw output settings)


2) under mapping if I use split1 and split2 (paypal fees for split2) only the first record is imported.  I have looked in the QBO file and there are many records.  Is this split function not a usable option?

3)  Payee is mapped to the Downloaded As Field.  Can the true Payee field be mapped?

4) I have tested 100 transactions but only 95 are imported.
asked Mar 6, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

You can change INTU.BID (bank identifier) on the Settings tab. Click the Look Up button to locate your bank. If your bank is not listed, keep the default value 3000 (Wells Fargo). This setting is only for the QBO file - you will choose actual account during import.

Once you load the CSV file, click the Review Mapping button and assign correct fields on the Sidebar (in the Mac version change the mapping right on the sidebar.

To import all transactions, make sure that the Reference dropdown is set to "do not use" or to column with unique values.

QBO files doe not support split transactions. Use IIF format with CSV2IIF for that.

answered Mar 6, 2014 by sergiy
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