QB does not have an oline account to handle these transactions

I got the INTU.BID and Bank ID by opening a 'real' QBO file in a text editor. When I save and then open the resulting QBO file in QuickBooks (Pro 2011), I get as far as the  'select bank account' window. I can either use an existing QB account (there are none listed in the drop-down), or I can create a new QuickBooks account.  

But I want to import these transactions (from June through August of last year) into the middle of an existing account/register. I tried going to edit the existing account by opening it under the chart of accoun6ts, but did not see an an option to delete links. All I have are activate online services (checked), statement downloads (checked) and Deactivae all online services (if you deactiate all services, you will have to set them up for this account again). The last looks close to other advice, but far enough not to monkey with it. ANy help?

asked Apr 8, 2014 by Rhythm

1 Answer


You need to "unlink" existing account first. Edit the account, click on the Online Services tab and select "Remove/Delete online service link". Try to import agian and should the account listed now.
answered Apr 13, 2014 by sergiy
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