import QIF files into SQL Server

This program is great.  Fills my need very well so far ( Quicken 2011 to SQL Server database for easier cleanup and standardization of annual files since 1986) One suggestion to consider.  Might be an improvement to scan Payee fields and Memo fields and maybe others to remove commas when converting QIF to CSV format.  My data is driving me nuts.  Possibly related to the comma thing, some of my data causes SQL Server import of csv to error out thinking some of the Payee and Memo fields are large.  Also, I seem to be unable to see any data in the memorized transaction tab for any of my files.  Not sure yet what is going on there, but it's not a big issue. I plan to let folks on the Quicken forums know about your products.  Thanks again.
asked Jun 11, 2014 by anonymous

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Comma values are wrapped into double quotes, sql server should understand that. There is also double quotes and some other characters resulting in double quotes wrapping for memo and payee fields.

Let me see what I can do and prepare an update.
answered Jun 11, 2014 by sergiy
Maybe I imagined that.  It seemed to be better after I tested by removing some of the commas inside Quicken and exporting again.

I had one old Quicken liability account for a personal note from 1986 that came across with some garbage fields in the conversion.  Since it only had six transactions, I created a new Quicken account and ‘moved’ the transactions, then deleted the old empty account.  Worked perfectly, so the Quicken account must have been corrupt.

Loving your program!  Thanks!  One goal is to go back and re-combine my retirement investment accounts from various periods of my career back into one Quicken file so I can get my Q history from 1986 onward in Q reports.   Unfortunately, when some accounts were closed and moved, I did not bring them forward.  Others contain overlapping info which would duplicate data if combined.  And other accounts were renamed along the way.  It will be easier for this old developer to massage data in SQL.

answered Jun 11, 2014 by anonymous

That's great. BANK2CSV and QIF2CSV both updated to support the cleanup. Please download updated version from or and instal over existing version.

Once updated, there is new checkbox on the Settings tab - "clean up to avoid quotes". It will convert commas and double quotes into dot.

answered Jun 11, 2014 by sergiy
Very impressive response time. I'll download this morning and try it. I have all but my last file loaded into database. It's the big one with the last nine years of data.
answered Jun 11, 2014 by anonymous
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