need help with MS Money currency conversion


Hello, I'm having a lot of difficulties with CSV2QIF that I purchased last
week. I cannot import in MS Money with a proper currency format.
Although importing files from CSV in the software works OK, and the
currency appears OK in the transaction view, i.e: 33,54 , whatever
choice I make for the currency format in the "réglages",
I get very strange format when I import the QIF file in MS Money, like
3 354,00. If I chose the last option #;-#, I do not get multiplied, but a round up
: 34. Is there any solution to this problem? Could you please help me with the
matter ?
With many thanks in advance,
Best wishes,


asked Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

5 Answers

3 354,00 is actually European format (comma as decimal separator, and space as thousand separator. Your currency format should be


to have numbers without thousand separator.

How does MS Money import data? What is the error message?

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
Dear Sergiy,
It doesnt work. No error message in MS Money, the importation works very
well, but I get a multiplied result.
Please check the attached files, which are screen copies of what I get.
Thank you for your help,
Best wishes,
Etienne Horeau

Le 14/02/2013 03:59, ProperSoft a écrit :
answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

Please change Target from "MS Money Non US" to "MS Money US or other". There is different MS Money Non-US versions - ones expecting QIF always with dot as decimal separator regardless of system settings, and others expecting systems' decimal separator in QIF.

"MS Money US or other" will make your QIF with dot.
answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
Dear Sergiy,
Thank you for your help, it works perfectly OK.
Ihad tried all the possibilities with the currency options, but I did
not try the different versions of MS Money, and that was where the
problem was.
Thank you again,
Best wishes,

Le 14/02/2013 14:29, ProperSoft a écrit :
answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous
That's great - thank for confirming!

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
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