can I import a QBO file into a credit card account in QuickBooks Pro 2012

Do you know if I can import a QBO file into a credit card account in QuickBooks Pro 2012? If so, I can use your converter to bring in my credit card line items.
asked Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

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Yes, you cam import QBO files for credit card accounts.

Pay attention how csv file supplies amounts and use "change the amount sign" checkbox to make charges negative numbers and payments positive before saving the qbo file.

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy

I use CSV2QBO to import transactions from a small bank that is not listed in the online setup for bank accounts in QB. This works fine.

I set up a credit card account today. It's bank is also not listed in the online setup. I downloaded the transactions in CSV and converted them to QBO.

When I use Utilities to import a Web Connect file, the only account that comes up for the QBO is the small bank. The credit card account does not show up, so I cannot import the QBO into the credit card account.

Any advice?


answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous


Sorry to bother you again on this, but this problem is blocking me from using CSV2QBO.

I set up a credit card in QB Pro 2012. I attempted to set up the online account. The card is from the auto company GM and is hosted by Capital One, but the card has its own web site (not the standard Capital One site), and this particular site is not listed in the QB list.

Logging in to the Capital One site listed in QB does not work for this card.

This is why I need CSV2QBO. If I could get a QBO file from Capital One, I could import it directly.

I can download a csv file from the GM card site and convert with CSV2QBO.

When I try to import it to QB, the only balance sheet account I am offered is the bank account I set up previously to import CSV2QBO into the small bank I also use.

Is it the case the CSV2QBO can only be used with one bank or institution at a time?

If not, I must be doing something wrong in setting up the credit card account to import the QBO account or perhaps going about the import in the wrong way.

I checked the Propersoft web site, but I do not see guidance on this issue.

Robin Lee

answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous

If your bank is not listed, you can put INTU.BID on the Settings tab for any other bank or leave default value as 3000 (Wells Fargo).

Once you import the QBO file into one account, INTU.BID, Account ID and Bank ID values from QBO file are "online linked" to the account you imported your transactions into.

If you need to import QBO file into other account, you have two options (just use one or both):

1) change Account ID in CSV2QBO on the Settings tab and recreate the QBO file. Import that new QBO file into QuickBooks.

2) in QuickBooks, edit the account you already imported into, click on Online Services tab, select Delete/Remove online Services link and save the changes. Import the QBO file for the second account again.

answered Jun 12, 2014 by sergiy
Thanks. I'll give this a try.

answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous
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