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Does the CSV2QIF product (or any other CSVXXX product) support the importing of investment transactions (buy, sell, dividend activity) into Moneydance?  CSV2QIF is able to create a mapping, but I have been unable to import it into Moneydance successfully. I am using CSV2QIF in test mode. The QIF transactions import, but much of the useful data is not transferred to Moneydance.

Thanks for your reply,

asked Jun 23, 2014 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Andy,

Please make sure the following columns have values on the Transactions tab after mapping:

- date
- amount
- security name
- investment action
- price
- quantity

You may try to create QIF file with empty payee, memo, check number columns since these are usually related to regular transactions and MoneyDance could be confused if they are present. You should confirm with Moneydance which columns QIf should have to have successful import for investment transactions.

answered Jun 23, 2014 by sergiy
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