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My bank provides csv export files where the amount sits in a field without a positive or negative sign. The sign (in my case A for -/- and B for +) sits in it's own field. Do you have a trick or suggestion that makes it possible to create the export amount field based on the amount field and the value in the sign field.

Example: amount = 500, sign field = A. Export amount = -/- 500

Example: amount = 250, sign field = B. Export amount = 250


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asked Aug 11, 2014 by Eric Scheffer

1 Answer


the parser supports separate column with words DEBIT or CREDIT. Let me add -/- as supported value and this should solve the issue.
answered Aug 11, 2014 by sergiy
Hi sergiy

I just found out that when I map my own field that contains the sign for the amount (Af/Bij) to the record type field, all goes well. So I do not need any change in supported values, the system is already smart enough :-)

Should have looked a bit better myself before asking the question. But, thanks for your fast response!



great, support for Af/Bij was added recently, so this should help you. Thank you for the update.
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