converting multiple ofx files from command line


I want to convert 8 csv files into 8 ofx files through one statement on the command line. Here is the command that I'm using:

CSV2OFX.exe mapping1 "c:\users\IAN\DESKTOP\FILE1.csv" "c:\users\IAN\DESKTOP\FILE1.ofx" CSV2OFX.exe mapping1 "c:\users\IAN\DESKTOP\FILE2.csv" "c:\users\IAN\DESKTOP\FILE2.ofx" etc

When I execute this command the program creates 1 ofx file (File2.ofx) containing the data from both CSV files and also loads the CSV2OFX program.

Is it possible to create multiple files from one command line statement?

asked Sep 6, 2014 by Ian

1 Answer


I think this is common batch file problem.

Add "call" before each line for sequenced processing or start for parallel.

call CSV2OFX.exe mapping1 file1.csv file1.ofx

call CSV2OFX.exe mapping1 file2.csv file2.ofx
answered Sep 6, 2014 by sergiy
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