Trying to import to quicken using QFX created via ofx2qfx converter

I have several UK accounts - AMEX credit card accounts and citibank checking, whose files I am trying to import into Quicken.  I've tried several approaches all of which give me a variety of errors. However, changes in the converter app and Quicken's interpretation of the same file, seem to make the trial and error process especially hard.  

Specifically, on an AMEX file I am trying to convert now I get errors. When I try to revert to the original file to try the import process again, the interface of OFX2QFX converter changes and I no longer have the tab allowing me to force USD currency which I what I believe I need to do to fix my file.  Why does the format of the file and OFX2QFX application change upon opening the same file a 2nd time?

Also, when I try loading a new version of the QFX file after unsuccessfully loading a prior version of the file, Quicken doesn't seem to recognize any of the transactions in the file, even though they have not been successfully imported in prior trials.  Do you know what's going on there?  These problems have been true for all of my files.  In the past I managed to get some files in a couple of times, but it was through such a succession of odd trials that I have no idea how I eventually got it to work.  It's no easier this time through either.  I will attach sample AMEX and bank files that I have downloaded. (Prior to any conversion)


asked Feb 17, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

Hello Michelle,

OFX2QFX always creates QFX file with USD currency, otherwise QFX will not be imported by Quicken (QFX should be created this way even for non-USD accounts with amounts kept in original currency).

For non-USD accounts and Quicken for Windows, you can use FIXMYQIF at

Another way is to create USD account, import there (simply ignore USD, since amount will be original amounts in GBP), and then cut the transactions (right click, select all, right click, cut) and paste them under right account (right click, paste).
answered Feb 17, 2015 by sergiy
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