Question re INTU.BID and Bank ID codes

I am having trouble getting the INTU.BID and Bank ID codes for a transfer to Quicken 2013 for two of my financial institutions (Citibank NA for checking and savings, and American Express for platinum card).

For Citi, I know that my ABA routing number is 271070801 and the SWIFT code is CITIUS33.  However, those don't seem to work in the INTU.BID field.  In the Bank ID field, I have tried 271070801, but it seems to want another number.  I am also unclear on what the difference is between the INTU.BID and Bank Codes.  

Unfortunately, neither Citibank nor American Express are included in the lookup table that is provided with CSV2QFX (which seems to be a fairly big omission given that those two are among the largest financial institutions in the world!!)

I do not have any information about American Express or what routing number/SWIFT it might need, but in any event that does not seem to be what Quicken is looking for?

I tried leaving these blank, but Quicken complained it did not recognize the financial institution.  I tried clicking on "US" but then Quicken thinks my account is Wells Fargo!!!
asked Feb 23, 2015 by anonymous

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Hello Jeff,

INTU.BID is bank identifier for the QFX file only. It should be from 'allowed' bank to have your QFX file imported. If your bank is not listed, you can leave default value 3000 (Wells Fargo) - this is only only to the QFX file and you will choose actual account to import into during the import.

answered Feb 23, 2015 by sergiy
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