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While most major companies work within Quicken, most consumers who deal with their finances on their computer are working in an Excel spreadsheet to keep their checking and credit card statements organized. Unfortunately, adapting a QIF file to a CSV format has always been a struggle for most PC users. Thankfully, when you need to convert QIF to Excel friendly formats, there’s QIF to CSV, a simple, easy to use program that converts all of the Quicken Interchange Files to CSV for an easy to use spreadsheet on your PC.

QIF to CSV is the efficient way to get financial paperwork converted for Excel use, and is supported by Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. There’s no code involved, no need to have the knowledge of any complex programming, this QIF to Excel converterdoes all of the work for you. All you need to do is select your file, review the output preview, and click the save button. You’ll have an Excel-friendly file in just a couple of seconds.

Additionally, you can bulk process files. Most converters of this type allow you to only convert one file at a time. Select as many files as you want and press the save button to convert an unlimited amount of bank files, credit card statements, and several other documents built out in QIF format for your Excel interface. Converting QIF to Excel has never been easier.

Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about your sensitive documents being posted online. While several programs work off of web-based applications that require you to upload your file, you can feel a little bit more comfortable knowing that QIF2CSV works directly on your desktop. In fact, once downloaded, you don’t even need to have an internet connection for the QIF to Excel converter to work for you.

Give QIF2CSV a try for free today. You’ll have the chance to run three QIF to Excel transactions before you must decide if you want to register, but this program works so well, we’re pretty sure you’ll have no problems with registering this program for future use for your financial statements.

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