Convert XLS to OFX in 7 simple steps

To convert XLS to OFX (Excel file to OFX format), you can use the following method.

IMPORTANT: This tutorial is not for Quicken import. Quicken does not import OFX files, only QFX (Web Connect) files. Use the ProperConvert app, CSV2QFX for Quicken imports.

Prepare your Excel file

Install and start ProperSoft CSV2OFX

Set account details

Make sure to set account details like account number, bank id, the currency is set to match the account settings in your accounting software. Some software like Sage, XERO do check them on the OFX file and if there is no match, refuse to import an OFX file.

Convert to an OFX file

Click the Save button on the Transactions tab to create the OFX file The converter offers to save an OFX into the same directory as a CSV/Excel file. If you are using the copy/paste method, you may need to change the directory to save the OFX file

Import into MS Money

Import into Sage (Sage 50, Sage One)

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